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  1. The country equivalent of "fucking shit bro." Urban Dictionary and our advertising partners set cookies on your computer to improve our site and the advertisements you see.
  2. Exclamations showing great annoyance: “_____. The electric power is off again.” DAMN IT GOD DAMN IT OH HELL DARN IT 71 DAMN 62 NR 50 DARN 48 OH HECK 22 OH SHOOT 21 HELL 20 DOGGONE IT 19 CONFOUND IT 18 OH DAMN 17 HECK 14 SHIT 14 SHUCKS 14 DAD-RAT IT.
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  4. May 16,  · Response to Gosh darnit. At 5/16/05 AM, TotalBlood wrote: kind of a stupid topic but i hate it to oi very stupid topic but your all bogans so it makes sense aye.
  5. More 50 Gosh-darn synonyms. What are another words for Gosh-darn? Doggone, dang, confound it. Full list of synonyms for Gosh-darn is here.
  6. Darn is a substitute for damn. So you might hear "I don't give a darn" or "I can't find the darned keys." Gosh is a substitute for god. Sometimes people say "Oh my gosh" instead of "Oh my god." It turns out that this happens in Spanish too, this practice of substituting more polite words that have a similar sound, and the efffect is very similar.
  7. gosh darn it definition in the English Cobuild dictionary for learners, gosh darn it meaning explained, see also 'go',go short',ghost',galoshes', English vocabulary.
  8. oh my, oh dear, gosh: Goodness gracious! That sauce is hot! goof off: play, fool around, horse around: We were goofing off in the hall before class - joking and stuff. goof up: do it poorly, screw up: If I goof up again, I'm going to use a different typewriter. goose egg: zero, no score, skunked They got three goals. We got the goose egg. goose.

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