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  1. U.S. History Chapter 7 Study Guide. 1. A government in which citizens rule through elected representatives is called a. a. monarchy. c. theocracy. b. republic. d. sovereignty. What was America's first constitution called?2. a. American Constitution c. Bill .
  2. Precious Coleman HIST How did the Democratic Party’s embrace of civil rights shape the election of ? The Democratic Party platform of was the most progressive in the party’s history, not only for its embrace of a continued pursuit of New Deal principles but because of its rejection of racial discrimination. When Hubert Humphrey, the young mayor of Minneapolis, declared at the.
  3. Start studying History Chapter Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. existed in every northern state by the time of the Civil War. of the following is an example of the political impact of the Kansas-Nebraska Act? The Whig Party collapsed, and many disgruntled northerners joined the new.
  4. Original Alphabetical 18 terms According to the graphic in your PowerPoint slides, by , more people in the United States lived in urban areas, as opposed to rural areas. True During the horse-powered era, horse manure was a major breeding ground for flies. True From the Virtual Reader: What point is the author making in the political cartoon, "Looking Backward?".
  5. 3. According to the act, ex-slaves were designated as “freedmen”. How were Southern whites covered under the act designated? Speculate as to whether that term might have angered Southern whites. 4. According to the terms of the act, what was to be provided in Sec. 2 of the. Freedmen’s Bureau law? 5. What provision did the act make.
  6. Which of the following is NOT one of Machiavelli's tips on how best to maintain political power? 1) The prince should be very generous and avoid at all costs a miserly reputation. 2) The prince should avoid being hated. 3) The prince should be decisive and strong. 4) The prince should build religion into the state.
  7. Cloisters Composer: Debbie Wiseman Music Publisher: Atmosphere Music Ltd Arranger: n/a Label: Atmosphere Music Ltd Compact disc/LP title: Dark Histories - Religion, politics and humanity.
  8. (p. 96) The No Child Left Behind Act A. increased state authority over education policy but provided greater federal funds for education. B. dramatically increased state authority over education policy. C. was part of the end, and reversal of, the devolution movement.

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